They invest US $ 80 million in a park that will inject solar energy by the end of the year
A total of 140 workers are working fully on the clearing, leveling and compaction of 279 hectares in a virgin field in Ullum, where 5,700 of the 280,000 poles that will support all the panels that the future solar park will have will be placed. Jorge Brito, president of Genneia, the current owner of the project in which 82 million dollars are invested, said yesterday in his visit to San Juan that in December they will already be generating their 80 MW of power, enough to supply some 48,000 homes.

It is the most advanced project of a total of thirteen more that are multiplying in different areas, and that are giving a notorious energy profile to the province in terms of renewable and clean energy.

In fact, one third of the total solar energy in the country will be in San Juan: at a national level, there are some 1,700 MW awarded through the rounds of the Renovar Program, of which 550 MW have been captured by San Juan. The aspiration of the provincial government is to keep pace with the same scale, and that of the 7 or 8 thousand MW of solar energy that the Nation wants to allocate by 2025, can reach here about 2,100 to 2,500 MW, explains the president of EPSE (Provincial Energy State Society), Víctor Doņa. All these data were highlighted yesterday on the occasion of the inauguration of the expansion of the San Juan State Solar Park, also in Ullum, which, although smaller, has the importance of being a research center (see box photo).

In San Juan, solar energy is developed in a mix of private projects that looked for their own land; and also in partnerships with the state company EPSE. This developed a mechanism by which it provides plots of land suitable for installing solar energy parks, the connection to the National Interconnected System network through transformer stations and accesses. In turn, the private ones, as is the case of Genneia in the Ullum property, invest in the construction of the plant, operate it and pay the province a percentage of the bill when they sell the energy.

Doņa said that "all the effort" will be put into continuing to attract the most robust projects, of 80, 100 or more MW of power, for that association with the provincial State, and on the Ullum site it has already been awarded 5 projects under this mechanism. by 224 MW, and still have the equivalent to generate 150 MW more free Another plot in Tocota (Calingasta), of 12 thousand hectares, already has a project of 70 MW awarded, and now it is the signature of Governor Uņac the transfer to the EPSE of a third estate of 3,000 hectares in Caņada Honda (Sarmiento).

Brito said yesterday that the intention of his company is to continue investing in San Juan, in the next rounds of the Renovar program that launches the Nation, and in other projects. "" The potential that San Juan has is very important, and this is just beginning; There is much more to be done, not only in solar energy but in storage of that energy, in batteries. "That is just one of the projects that the national capital firm and 2 American investment funds want to develop, and yesterday it was He advanced to the governor Uņac in a previous meeting in the morning, Brito bet that this technology, which today is expensive, became cheaper in a few years as it happened with the solar panels, and said that in San Juan it could be installed. costs, Doņa agreed that prices will fall in a few years due to the rapid development of technology. "When the state solar plant was inaugurated it cost $ 6 the watt generated from each panel, today it is at 0.8 and $ 1 a watt, that is, it went down six times, "he explained.

Meanwhile, the continuity of the installation works of the solar plant in Ullum will continue at an ever increasing pace, which will double the labor required, good news for the province. Brito said that starting in August the peak of work starts and will require 300 workers in total.