E. RIOS: The Province and the IFC signed export incentive agreements for 40 million pesos
"This agreement puts us in the vanguard to be able to move forward in the exports sector," said Governor Gustavo Bordet, signing a new line with CFI General Secretary Juan José Ciácera to finance Entre Ríos exports to the international market. "In all the value chains there is always a support from the province with the CFI to get credit lines. This is part of a policy we have in our province to support the productive sectors with their own credit lines, "said the president. "It is important because it is part of the strategy of giving the necessary tools to our producers so that they can continue to develop their activity by supporting the sources of employment that are very necessary throughout our territory," the president explained before the Entre Ríos Entrepreneur Council. , of the Industrial Union of Entre Ríos, and the Agrarian Federation, among others. The agreement establishes that the CFI will allocate the sum of 40 million pesos to the "Line of Credits for Regional Exportable Production" to financially assist micro, small and medium-sized entrerrian companies producing or supplying goods and inputs destined for export. This line provides credits of up to US $ 150,000 to finance the production process and packaging of the merchandise to be exported, disbursement made prior to the shipment of the merchandise. The interest rate that is applied is 2.5 percent. "Due to the characteristics that the province has of the diversification of the regional economies, it was necessary for us to add to the various lines of credit that we manage for our province through the CFI, a program that supports the export sector because that is where we need to generate our own currencies, more at this time to leverage the export sector in the province is key and core, "argued the governor. "That is why this agreement of 40 million pesos puts us in the vanguard of the rest of the provinces to be able to advance in the exports sector, which is something in which we had a permanent demand", he delved into the matter at the ceremony he headed on Tuesday in the afternoon at the Provincial Convention Center in Paraná. In addition, the president stressed that the province has loans granted through the Federal Investment Council (CFI) for more than 200 million pesos at a rate subsidized by the agency and the provincial government. "They are destined to lines that have to do with emergencies, like the floods and then the droughts that we suffer in our province. We were there, subsidizing our producers with a zero rate, "he said. "There is also a line of credit that is aimed at young entrepreneurs, another line of credit for the tourism sector, which we needed to energize, and the productive one. In all value chains there is always a support from the province with the CFI to get credit lines, "he explained. "Entre Ríos has a very broad export sector, ranging from the poultry chain that is perhaps the most important, to the citrus chain that is at the moment of export, the cranberry chain that is beginning exports in mid-September or October, the dairy chains, the laboratories of entrerrianos medicines, and the meat one ", also indicated the agent chief executive. "There are countless possibilities and of companies that need this initial capital in dollars, which makes it attractive and feasible to carry out the business, make it concrete and when the resulting transaction is perceived, cancel the loan," he said. Finally, Bordet conveyed "the need to work together, to face situations that are very difficult and uncertain but to do so with the conviction that if we put the best of each one of us we can move forward and overcome adverse situations". About the line of credit The CFI head, Juan José Ciácera, commented: "A few days ago the governor was at the CFI and we talked about the international, national and provincial context, and he told me that there was a great possibility for small and medium-sized companies in the province of Entre Ríos. to export. "In that sense," we set to work to sign an agreement of 40 million pesos to boost these exports of small and medium-sized companies in Entre Ríos, "he said. The official also said that "each company may have 150 thousand dollars", and that the return has an "elastic term" that occurs "practically when the money returns to the country by company". That is to say, "companies can pay for all the inputs they need, customs expenses and only when they charge the export do they return the money to the CFI". The engineer also stressed that the interest rate is "very low" since it is at 2.5 percent "real, we do not add anything else". And he reinforced: "Practically what the Council does is pay the expenses