Two wind farms and a biogas plant in the area, approved by the Nation
The Ministry of Energy and Mining of the Nation today signed the contract for the supply of renewable electric energy with the company Petroquímica Comodoro Rivadavia (Luz de Tres Picos), which will build the El Mataco and San Jorge wind farms in the Tornquist district, and the corresponding to the biogas plant that will be built in the municipality of Villarino, next to the Bahía Blanca boundary, owned by Resener SA (Inmade SA).    Once in operation, the wind farms will generate 200 Mw that will be injected into the National Interconnected System; while the biogas plant will generate 0.72 Mw, from organic waste of industrial origin, such as onion harvesting, waste grains, fish remains, chicken litter and food remains. The Corti wind farm, owned by Pampa Energía, is already operating in the area, and La Castellena, of Central Puerto SA, is expected to start operating within a few weeks.    The three projects had been awarded a few months ago, within the framework of Round 2 of the RenovAr energy program. In this framework, the ministry also signed contracts with a biomass project (CT Biomasa Unitan) and another biogas (CT Citrusvil), located in Tucumán and Chaco, which will generate almost 10 Mw more. Within the framework of this round, 33 supply contracts have been approved, representing 881.52 Mw of installed capacity, out of a total of 88 awarded projects. As of today, 69 projects corresponding to Round 1, 1.5 and Resolution 202 meet 100% of their contracts signed and their guarantees constituted, with a fulfillment of contractual milestones of 94%. 67% of that total is under construction or commercial operation: there are 42 projects of which 40 are under construction and 6 are in operation for a total of 1,856,645 Mw.    The program has to date 147 projects awarded in 21 provinces for a total of 4,466.5 Mw, in three bidding rounds: 41 solar projects, 34 wind projects, 18 biomass projects, 14 small hydroelectric projects, 36 biogas projects and four biogas projects. landfill.