Renewable projects of weight in the agenda of deputies in the Commission of Energy and Fuels
There are twelve renewable projects that entered the first semester of 2018 to the Energy and Fuels Commission of the Chamber of Deputies. which are? and what party did they come from? Between January 1 and June 31 of this year, 97 projects were submitted to the Permanent Commission on Energy and Fuels of the Chamber of Deputies of the Nation. Of the total, 12 projects are directly related to the renewable energy sector. They are 1 resolution, 2 declarations and 9 bills, which address specific issues such as the production of solar grade silicon, the manufacture of solar water heaters, the exemption of import duties on inputs used for solar and wind production, as as well as requests for the release of more power for renewable energy projects. Most of these projects were presented by members of the "Frente para la Victoria - PJ" and "Federal United for a New Argentina". The FPV responds with 3 bills signed in full by authors of the block, to which must be added another 2 carried out together with the Justicialist party for Jujuy, Salta and Tucumán on the one hand, and with "Culture, Education and work ", the" UCR "," Federal United for a New Argentina "and" Work and Dignity ", on the other hand. The "Federal United for a New Argentina" Bloc, which shared one of its projects with the FPV, includes 4 more projects from the District corresponding to Buenos Aires. The three remaining projects were signed by members of the Neuquén Popular Movement, Somos San Juan and Justicialista Unit. Also read "Projects and themes of the renewable sector on the agenda of the Senators Energy Commission" In general, of the 97 projects, 37 resolutions were addressed that deal with issues such as the cost of natural gas, energy policy, uranium, Rio Turbio, among others. Of these, only one incorporates biofuels. ORDER OF REPORTS TO THE EXECUTIVE POWER ON THE PRICE OF ACQUISITION OF BIOETHANOL, INTENDED FOR THE MIXTURE FOR THE PRODUCTION AND SUSTAINABLE USE OF BIOFUELS CREATED BY LAW 26093, AND OTHER RELATED ISSUES. 06/18/201 (see 3705-D-2018) With respect to Declarations presented, 2 of 9 deal with requests related to the renewable sector. REQUESTING THE EXECUTIVE OFFICER HAS TO IMPLEMENT PROJECTS INTENDED FOR THE PRODUCTION OF SOLAR GRADE SILICON, FOR THE CONSTRUCTION OF PHOTOVOLTAIC CELLS, BASIC COMPONENT OF THE SOLAR PANELS, IN THE FRAMEWORK OF LAW 27424. 06/28/2018 (see 3922-D- 2018) APPLY TO THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH HAS THE LIBERATION OF GREATER POWER WITH DESTINATION TO PROJECTS OF RENEWABLE ENERGIES, IN THE NODES OF THE PROVINCE OF THE NEUQUEN AND THE REGION NORPATAGONICA, 07/06/201 (see 3544-D-2018) Finally of the 51 projects of Law entered are 9 that promote renewable. Other issues addressed are tariffs, led lamps, fuel tax, liquefied gas, modification of Law 24076 and creation of gas installer registration. In detail, the 9 projects of the sector are: SOLAR HEATER FOR HOUSING. REGIME TO PROMOTE ITS MANUFACTURING. 03/05/2018 (see 0204-D-2018) PROMOTION OF THE USE OF SOURCES OF RENEWABLE ENERGY AND ENERGY EFFICIENCY IN HOUSING. REGIME. 03/06/2018 (see 0364-D-2018) EOLIC AND SOLAR ENERGY. EXEMPTION OF IMPORTATION RIGHTS OF THE INPUTS USED FOR THEIR PRODUCTION. 03/07/2018 (see 0455-D-2018) PROMOTION FOR THE PRODUCTION OF BIOCOMBUTIBLES OF SECOND GENERATION. REGIME. 04/17/2018 (see 2083-D-2018) REGIME OF PROMOTION OF DEVELOPMENT OF ENTREPRENEURSHIPS OF ELECTRICAL ENERGY EQUIPMENT FROM RENEWABLE SOURCES. 06/01/2018 (see 3408-D-2018) PROMOTION OF SOCIAL EQUIPMENT OF RENEWABLE ENERGIES. REGIME. CREATION OF THE NATIONAL REGISTRY OF BENEFICIARIES AND CONTRIBUTORS OF RENEWABLE ENERGY EQUIPMENT. 06/01/2018 (see 3407-D-2018) COMPULSORY AND PROGRESSIVE INCORPORATION OF RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCES AND USE OF EFFICIENT ELECTRIC ENERGY IN PUBLIC BUILDINGS. 06/01/2018 (see 3406-D-2018) PROMOTION REGIME WITH THE OBJECT OF PROMOTING AND ENCOURAGING THE ACQUISITION AND INSTALLATION OF SOLAR AND / OR EOLIC ENERGY EQUIPMENT. 06/01/2018 (see 3409-D-2018) DECLARE TO THE PROVINCE OF CHUBUT AS A NATIONAL CAPITAL OF THE WIND ENERGY. 06/13/2018 (see 3649-D-2018)